At Health Spring Ayurveda, we provide traditional Ayurvedic treatment for numerous conditions as specified in other pages of this web site. Our treatment is done in the most traditional way, concurrent with latest understanding of science. We procure our medicines from a 110 years old traditional facility, which uses the most authentic Ayurvedic method of production, and located near our center. This enables us to prepare fresh herbal decoctions, right from source wherever possible. Our therapists come with numerous years of experience in Ayurvedic treatment.

As patients normally book months in advance to receive treatment at the center, please contact us through the form on this web site or write to us at cervicalayurveda@gmail.com to confirm a place, before arriving at the center.

Once admitted, under the direct guidance of Dr. George Joseph, patients are provided one or more of the following treatments:

  Snehapana Swedana Abyangam Dhanyamla
  Podi Kizhi Ela Kizhi Pizhichil Navara Kizhi Kati Tarpanam Uro Vasti
  Avagaham Lepanam Upanaham Pichu Ksheera Dhooma Manjal Kizhi
  Alepanam Siro Dhaara Takra Dhaara Ksheera Dhaara Tarpanam Putapakam
  Matra Vasthi Sneha Vasthi Nirooha Vasthi (7 varieties) Virechanam Nasyam

To enhance the efficacy of their treatment, patients are expected to strictly follow the guidelines below while at the center:

  • Wake up at 6 am
  • Do not eat outside food other than fruits
  • Do not sleep during day time (exception given for elders and children, and during extreme summer)
  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol
  • Do not exercise. (Mild walking within the room is allowed)
  • Do take full rest during treatment (will require significant rest at home after treatment too)
  • Do not expend energy in talking
  • Do not overly use mobile phones, computer or TV
  • Be relaxed
  • Go to bed at 9.30 PM


For patients with joint diseases, who are unable to afford the cost of treatment, we provide free consultation and free medicine on 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month.


Kizhi - sitting position
Kizhi - lying position
Upanaham - Stage 1