Accommodation and common areas: As shown in the pictures, we have three rooms for patients to stay with an average size of 12x13 feet each, and with toilets measuring about 8x6 feet. The balcony is 24 x14 feet in size and the common hall area where patients dine, if they come as a group, is 24x11 feet.

Treatment table: The treatment table is a single piece of wood 3 feet broad and 8.75 feet long made from Artocarpus Hirsutus, a tree known for its medicinal properties. It is considered to be anti-arthritic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and have been widely used in traditional medicine. (Refer: Artocarpus - a review of traditional use, UB Jagtap and VA Bapat, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2010)

  • Food: We provide pure vegetarian food. Most of the vegetables are purchased from local farmers’ co-operative society which cultivates organically.
  • Wi-fi: Available
  • Laundry: Available
  • Transportation: We can organize for airport pick up and drop off, and any other local transportation, at an additional cost.


Common Hall View